Jacqueline (Jackie) Bähr Schmoll


I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1966 into a Spanish/Swiss family. I moved to Zurich at the age of 20 and started working in the banking sector. Through my job at the bank I spent some time working in Madrid, returning to Zurich in 2000.

In 2007 I got engaged to be married. Our greatest wish was to get married in our hometown Barcelona, where our families live, with the city as the setting for our wedding. Organizing the wedding in Barcelona from Switzerland was not an easy task. My husband lived near Madrid at that time and could contribute little to the organization of the event. Our wedding in May 2008 was perfect: personal, endearing, unique and with a magic touch. I realized I had discovered my real passion. 

And if our wedding was so perfect.... why not organize weddings for other couples? In 2010 I started a course run by the Association of Independent Wedding Planners of Switzerland (VUSH) and in 2011 I graduated with the highest grade of my class. In the same year I founded my company IdealWeddings to help couples organize their ideal wedding in Switzerland.

I would like to put at your disposal: my organizational capacity, the way I plan structurally (leaving room for flexibility and improvisation), my creativity, paying special attention to the details, the ability to control the budget, my network of contacts... so that your dreams come true.